10 Times When Indians Found The Perfect ‘Jugaad’ And Proved To Be Some Bad-Ass Innovators!

10 Times When Indians Found The Perfect ‘Jugaad’ And Proved To Be Some Bad-Ass Innovators!

When it comes to repairing anything, Indians are the best and creative ‘jugaadoos’, as they know all the life hacks and can survive anything 😛 Just bring it on! Indians, point of fact, are the most helpful individuals ever.

We have the road smarts and we have this extraordinary talent for being exceptionally ingenious! In the event if you want to fix something then you need not go to repair shops and get it done, at that point I would propose you to try and find your inner Indian jugaad! You never know you might not know that “jugaad” is certainly in your blood! With regards to innovative fixes, it appears that there’s nothing absolutely futile. A thing may not fit one reason but rather it is helpful for another!

As they say, Incredible India! Well, it is true, people in India can take up any challenge and actually make the best out of waste. Call it being lazy or whatever, they have these creative skills where they can make anything work and even if they go abroad, I am sure they can make their own inventions and discovery.

So, lets look at these Jugaad techs that are crazily absurd but actually are amazing!

1) When you can wear these washable footwear during rainy season!

When-you-can-wear2) A Portable Ash Tray is Amazing

A-Portable-Ash3) Now that’s how you plough the field!

keep-it4) When you need that Garam Chai

When-you-need-that-Garam-Ch5) This is called a complete Jugaad!

This-is-called-a-complete-J6) So What if the clock breaks?! My clock still does work 😛

What-if-the-clock7) Who wants to shower?!

Who-wants-to-shower8) Life ho toh aisi 😛

Life-ho-toh-aisi9) Coca Cola tastes best when chilled 😛

Coca-Cola10) When You Get Shelter From Sun

When-You-Get-ShelterImage credits: pinterest.com

Applause for these great genius hacks!

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