6 Ayurvedic Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Instantly


Our outward appearance means alot to us and we all love looking beautiful all the time. But sometimes with age some of the skin problems occur like having blemishes, wrinkles and dark circles. But, nowadays dark circles has become a very common beauty problem for all girls! Even girls who are young have this common problem and wonder how to get rid of them!

Well, you need not worry, as there are some of the natural ways to get rid of your dark circles instantly. Dark circles can occur due to many reasons like tension, lack of sleep, change in diet or it can also be hereditary. But, this is temporary and yes you can kiss goodbye to them if you apply any of these 6 ayurvedic products.

So lets checkout some of the natural remedies to reduce dark circles instantly.

1) Mint Leaves

Mint-LeavesMint is really good for your skin. It not only refreshes your skin but they also soothe your eyes. All you need to do is take crushed mint leaves and apply them on your eyes for about 15 minutes. Take a wet cloth and then wipe your face. You will feel good and your dark circles will reduce gradually.

2) Almond Oil

Almond-OilThe skin around your eyes is very delicate and it has to be handled with care. Applying Almond Oil around your eyes in the night before you sleep will help in getting rid of your dark circles completely. Remember to wash your face the next morning and repeat this process for a month. It is a natural ingredient that will get rid of all this.

3) Rosewater

ImageSource: pinterest.com
ImageSource: pinterest.com

Take a cotton ball and dip it in Rosewater since it is a tonic and it will work well for your dark circles. Not only that, if you have puffy or tired eyes it will help you get rid of them as well. The presence of Vitamin A and C in the water helps in cleaning all the dirt and oil from your skin and it also gives you a nice glowing effect. Your eyes will be soft smooth and yes your dark circles will disappear as well.

4) Tomato Paste

ImageSource: pinterest.com
ImageSource: pinterest.com

All you need is 2-3 tomatoes and few drops of lemon juice, gram flour and turmeric powder. Grind it and make a thick paste of it. It is very easy and it is also very effective. Tomatoes are like antidotes, so make sure you repeat this process three times a week to get faster results.

5) Cucumber

CucumberI am sure all of you know this traditional and most common remedy of using cucumber for your eyes. It reduces dark circles around your eyes and it also softens the area around your eyes. So, all you need to do is cut slices of cucumber and apply at the dark spots. You can also leave them overnight.

6) Orange Juice

Orange-JuiceThis is yet another effective method and it is easy if you want to see the difference for yourself. All you need to do is apply orange juice with a mix of glycerin as it will give you a glowing skin and it will also reduce dark circles in your skin.

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