6 Ayurvedic Remedies You Must Try To Prevent Hair Fall!


Tired of using harsh chemical shampoos that are damaging your hair and resulting in excessive hair loss?! Well, many of us have these common problems of hairfall and I am sure that you would have tried everything on this earth to stop it!

But, have you ever tried the natural remedy? It is true that anything natural, herbal or ayurvedic works faster and does not damage our skin. Ayurvedic products or things are safe to use and they don’t cause any breakage or damage of the hair. I am sure our hair plays an important role in our lives to make us look beautiful… and to protect you beautiful hair you should try some of these ayurvedic remedies that will reduce hair loss and help in regrowth of your hair!

1) Amla ( Indian Gooseberry)

Many times you would have come across amla hair oil products or shampoos, well for those who did not know, amla is really good for your hair as one of the reason for hairfall could be impurities in your blood and if you apply amla which is rich in Vitamin C, minerals and antioxdants it conditions your hair pretty well and protects grey hair as well.

2) Jojoba Oil

From the time we were kids, our mom used to tell us to oil our hair regularly! Even though we used to crib and cry why our mothers used to tell us, it is because there are many benefits to oiling your hair. These include strengthening of the hair, prevention of grey hair at an early age, conditioning, stress relief and much more. Try applying jojoba oil as it will help in keeping your hair locked and smooth.

3) Neem ( Margosa)

Sometimes we feel itchy in our scalp and also have dandruff problems. These problems tend to damage the hair and result in hair loss. Neem is one of the oldest traditions used by our grandparents is neem. Its anti bacterial properties help in reducing hair fall and all your dandruff will also be gone!

4) Bhringraj (Herb)

Also known as the king of herbs this is one of the best remedy to reduce hair fall completely. If you oil your hair with Bhringraj then you will see the difference as your baldness will vanish and you will have thick and long hair.

5) Shikakai

This is rich in oxidant and is generally mixed with water and the lather formed can be used on your hair and scalp. It is actually called the fruit for hair and it treats hairfall pretty well. This is also one of the most commonly used ayurvedic remedy.

6) Jatamansi ( Indian Spikenard)

Jatamansi is said to improve your blood circulation as it helps in providing nourishment to your scalp and your hair growth also increases at a faster pace. The common name for this remedy is also called Muskroot.

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