6 Brilliant Hacks To Fall Asleep Faster


Our mind keeps thinking and wandering in so many thoughts that makes it difficult to focus on one thing. This is harder when you are calm and you are in your bed trying to sleep. You keep staring at the ceiling and thinking! Sometimes its hard to sleep because we are distracted with all the thoughts or we rewind unwanted things and mess up.

Not only that stress also plays an important role in keeping you awake! So, how would you get rid of that? Well, there are some brilliant hacks that can help you in falling asleep faster. Don’t worry, you need to take any sleeping pills 😛 They are easy to follow.

If you are looking for ways to close your eyes and fall asleep faster then you are at the right place my friend.

Scroll through to read some of the genius hacks that will change your life.

1) Take A Shower

You may have heard everyone telling you the mantra to falling asleep faster is to take a nice hot shower before bedtime. Trust me, it does help, because when you take a hot bath, your body temperature tends to rise and when you come out you feel your body cool that makes you sleepy. Make sure you take a hot shower everyday.

2) Keep Your Electronics Aside And Read A Book

Many of us have this bad habit of scrolling our phones right before sleeping. What you don’t realize is that doing so your mind becomes more active as you utilize your brain to function in response to the present activity that you are doing. Instead take a book of your choice and read through, as it will give you a relaxed feeling and you will fall asleep faster.

3) Set A Proper Bedtime

Imagesource: webmd.com

It will benefit you and keep you fresh for the next day. Sleeping in time is always best. I am sure you would have heard the phrase, early to bed and early to rise.” Follow this mantra as it helps you in your everyday life and you will also get habituated to it!

4) Have Light Dinner

Imagesource: epicurious.com
Imagesource: epicurious.com

Don’t stuff and eat too much that will give you problems in digestion. This will only give you heart burn or acidity problems. Try having a lighter meal such as a glass of juice and some proteins. Try eating few hours before your bedtime so that there is enough time for your stomach to digest.

5) Breathing Exercise

Imagesource: huffingtonpost.com
Imagesource: huffingtonpost.com

Yes, its very important. When you are lying down in your bed you can slowly breathe inhaling in and out. Simple. First breathe for about 4 seconds, then hold your breath for about 7 seconds and lastly breathe through your mouth out for nearly 8 seconds. This will help you in relaxing your mind and will help you in falling asleep faster.

6) Drink Warm Milk

Drink-Warm-MilkYes, this can be very helpful for you as well. It is important that you drink one glass of milk in lukewarm temperature. It gives you a quicker nappy time! It does help. Drink some and see the difference for yourself.

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