6 Harmful Food Combinations That You Must Avoid Totally!

6 Harmful Food Combinations That You Must Avoid Totally!

Everybody loves eating delicious food items and we often mix and match some of the food combinations to make it a healthy and a perfect meal! But, did you know that the day-to-day food combinations that we eat are dangerous for our body?!

Yes, its true, eating some of the food items including milk with cereals or having cheese with meat can lead to harmful problems in our digestive system that can cause stomach pain, nausea, fatigue and in some cases risks of health problems.

So, you need not worry, we will provide you with the list of the most common food combinations used by people daily that you should refrain from eating, so that you can prevent from falling ill.

Many of us do not even know which food item is harmful and unknowingly we eat them everyday! Many of the physiologists, specialists, and Ayurveda consider all of these dangerous for us! We think that we know what food items to avoid, but do you actually know the food combinations to prevent?!It is said, “prevention is better than cure”, so why not prevent the worst things that come our way?

Checkout 12 harmful food combinations that you must avoid totally!

1.Avoid Having Fruits With Or After Your Meal

Avoid-Having-FruitsMany times, we have salad with meat or any food item to have that delicious meal! Having fruits with your meals can cause problems in your digestive system as fruits tend to digest quickly and because of this combination, they tend to stay long and the sugar starts to ferment.

2.Banana And Milk

Banana-And-MilkWe all love to have amazing Banana milkshake but do you know, when you have these two food combinations together, it becomes very heavy in your stomach and it tends to make you feel lethargic! If you love having milkshake then you can maybe add nutmeg or cardmom to stimulate your digestion.

3.Cereal With Milk And Orange Juice


It is said that the acid present in orange juice tends to disrupt the enzymes thereby creating digestion problems! Milk is a digestive item in itself and it is advised to have orange juice 30 minutes prior your cereal.

4.Cheese, Meat and Omlet

CheeseCombination of two high proteins can be very harmful for your body! Everybody loves to have cheese omlet with meat to have a healthy breakfast, but what you do not realize is that it takes more time for the food to digest!

5.Yogurt With Fruit

YogurtWe all know that yogurt contains healthy bacteria and mixing them fruits can be a bad idea as, the bacteria present act on the sugar present in fruits which can cause cold, allergies and vice versa.

6.Tomatoes And Pasta

TomatoesHow is it possible?! we all love to have that delicious tomato sauce pasta, but it is equally harmful for your body as, tomatoes contain acids which weaken the enzymes in the starchy pasta making it difficult to digest!

Surprised?! Well, I was too amused but now I know what is perfect for my health!

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