6 Lesser Known Things About Princess Diana That Will Leave You Amused!

6 Lesser Known Things About Princess Diana That Will Leave You Amused!
Image Source: hellomagazine.com

Its been 20 years since Princess Diana has passed away and still there are some things about Diana’s personal life that are unknown to many people. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair called Diana as ‘people’s princess in the year 1997 and with her death anniversary on August 31st many people have paid tribute to her on social media.

But did you know that there were some dark and shocking things you did not know about her. Look at some of the facts you that will leave you surprised.

1) She Expressed Her Thoughts On A Tape Recorder

Yes, its true, much of princess Diana’s life has been found on the audiotapes that were recorded by herself. When her marriage with Prince Charles started falling apart, she started to record tapes and spoke about her side of the story and then later gave them to her close friend Dr James Colthurst.

2) Sarah, Diana’s Sister Was Once Upon A Time Dating Prince Charles

Image Source: daily express.co.uk
Image Source: dailyexpress.co.uk

Before Diana and Charles were to take their relationship to the next level, it seems that Prince Charles was dating her sister Sarah. The strange part here is that it was Sarah who introduced Prince Charles to her sister Diana when she was just 16 years old and she also takes the credit for making the two fall in love together!

3) She Mixed Her Wedding Vows

Image Source: cosmopolitan.com
Image Source: cosmopolitan.com

Wedding is a very important ritual and in that when it comes to wedding vows then you make sure you say it right 😛 When princess Diana and prince Charles had to exchange their vows, it seems Diana had mixed up the vows by calling her husband ‘Philip Charles’ instead of ‘Charles Philip.’

4) Her Grandmother Once Worked For Queen Elizabeth

Image Source: MSN.com
Image Source: MSN.com

We all know about the famous Queen of Britain and what most of you did not know is that princess Diana’s grandmother Ruth Fermoy and Queen Elizabeth were really close friends! Even though the queen is a public figure there are still certain things we don’t know about her personal life.

5) She Often Ate In Kitchen

Image Source: tribune.com
Image Source: tribune.com

According to royal customs you are not allowed to eat in the kitchen with the staff but rather eat in the dining room. Even though there were such royal etiquette’s, princess Diana broke the protocol and often ate inside the kitchen itself. Their personal chef states that she would walk inside sit on the counter top and eat and sometimes even make coffee for them both!

6) She Even Attempted Suicide

She-Even-Attempted-SuicideThis is one of the most shocking and saddening revelations from Princess Diana that many of you did not know. In her audiotapes she has spoken about taking her own life as she was depressed and wanted to slit her wrists! This is really troublesome to hear.

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