6 Makeup Hacks That Will Get You Through The Wedding Season!


December month is just around the corner and with that comes a list of wedding ceremonies that you have to attend. Confused? What to wear and how to look stunning in every wedding when the dates are so closeby? Going to the salon can be a pain as it can cost you too much money! With the wedding season coming, you can try some of the DIY makeup hacks at home that will give you a pro-look and you can look gorgeous the entire day without even putting too much of makeup.

How? Well, that’s because these makeup hacks will help you in giving a flawless look which is easy, and will save your money of going to the salon. These are some of the quick-fixes that can help you get through the day.

These makeup hacks will surely save the day. Scroll through to read them.

1) The Fuller Lip Hack

The-Fuller-Lip-HackOkay, the most important thing when you are doing makeup is to make sure your lips are done perfectly. So, how can you do that? Become a pro in making your lips fuller and this is the best hack. Add peppermint oil to your lip balm and apply it on your lips. These will make your lips look fuller. If your lips are chapped try getting rid of them by scrubbing honey and sugar.

2) Shape Your Eyebrows

Shape-Your-EyebrowsEyebrows are essentials, because they give the overall look of your face. They kinda boost your look and are also the center of attraction. Its best to use an eyebrow pencil and shape them the way you like filling in the gaps. Giving the perfect shape can make you look gorgeous.

3) Bronzer To Get Those Sculpted Cheeks

BronzerSculpted cheeks give your face the entire look. Cheeks give your face the shape you want. So, how would you do that? Just add a little bronzer gently in your jawline and cheekbones. Try choosing a peach blush-on to get the stunning look.

4) Nude Makeup

Nude-MakeupI am not talking about the nude-nude thingy! This is the best hack to save time and keep your makeup minimal and not too much.. Just use basic makeup like a light foundation, concealer, mascara and not to forget the “kajal” and some pale lipstick. If you don’t want the makeup to look too much. Go nude with these minimal use of makeup.

5) Use Perfume

Use-PerfumeOkay, you may sweat wearing those heavy lehengas for long hours, but you can stay perfumed throughout the day to beat the odor. Im not saying to carry a perfume bottle 😛 The easy hack is to apply some petroleum jelly on your pulse points and then spray some perfume on top of it. It will prevent the fragrance from dissolving in your skin!

6) Smile

SmileThis is the best hack to look beautiful. Just carry a beautiful smile while you are all dressed up for your best friend’s wedding. If you are scared of those stains on your teeth, then you need to dip your toothbrush in baking soda. Then apply some toothpaste on top of it and brush your teeth. You will see the difference for yourself. You are all set to put on that beautiful smile for the wedding photoshoot!

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