6 Stylish Tips To Wear A Scarf This Winter!


Winter is the best time of the year, as you can do fun stuff with accessories and you can get the dazzling look you want. Girls, its that time of the year when you have to get those boots, beanies and not to forget scarfs out of the wardrobe because its winter…

Stoles and scarves have become an essential accessory for every girl because it is easy on your pocket and it gives you the stylish look as well. Are you bored of wearing scarfs the same way? Well, these stylish tips below will give you some of the fashionable ways you can style your scarf this winter and you will look really beautiful with that!

Checkout this fun style guide on how to wear a scarf and you will enjoy trying these variety of styles. So, get a scarf today and try these tips now to get the gorgeous look.

If you are a scarf lover, then this is a must-read for you. Scroll through to read some of the ways and tips to style them!

1) The French Knot Style

This is one of the most popular and peppy styles to try. All you need to do is take your scarf and fold it and put them around your shoulders. The next step is to take one end that is the lose side and pull it under the scarf loop. Then take the second end and pull it overlapping the same loop. There you go.

2) The Necklace Style

This is yet another amazing way to tie your scarf, as all you need to do is take your scarf and fold it into a half in a diagonal way and knot them together. Then put the scarf around your neck and then twist and loop it again.

3) Double Sided Twist Style

If you are wearing a plain white or black top, then you can style them and give a jazzy look by taking 2 colors of scarves and put them around your neck like a loop mixing the two scarves. Turn the fabric so that both sides of the scarf is visible.

4) Braided Style

This is a simply style to follow and its like braiding your hair. Take a scarf and put it around your neck. Tie it loosely at the ends and then take the right end of the scarf and pull it under the scarf loop and over. Repeat until the end and then pull the loop to loosen it.

5) The Boho Style

It does look complicated but its easy to wear and yes it does look unique. If you are choosing to wear denims and sweaters, then this style can be pulled-off easily. Take your scarf and wrap it around your neck and then loosely tie a knot at the end. Then pull the lose part that is around you neck and cover the loop. There you go easy!

6) The Knotted Shawl Style

Bored of styling it around your neck?! Well, this knotted shawl style is a win-win as it is an advanced version of wrapping a stole. Put the shawl around your neck and shoulders and tie a knot at the back. Then pull the ends tight and bring the shawl down to cover the knot.

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