Here Are 6 Things Every Girl Notices In A Guy *WINK*!


Okay girls, I know that you do a full scan from top to bottom when you look at a guy! Admit it. We know that girls love to checkout guys for no reason because according to them it gives a proper analysis of how the guy is 😛

Weird right?! Well, girls can be girls, because they always look for the best even if they have to go out for a date with a guy. This is for all the guys.. you may not even know by the time you walked and came towards your girl she has noticed you and even made an analysis about the little things you do.

Well, its time for you to know what are the things a girl secretly notices in a guy. Well, when I look at a guy the first thing I notice is their hair! I love checking out a guys hair because its kinda cool, the way they style it (Blush).

Here’s a list of 6 things that every girl notices in a guy!

1) Hair

HairFirst thing that strikes every girls mind is his hair. Even though they are messy, girls will notice a guys hair. Whether it is shampooed, conditioned, combed well or just the messy casual look. Girls see it all. That’s the reason you see guys with super cool hair cuts and styles because they know inside that first impression is the last one.

2) Where he is looking when you are talking to him


I am sure majority of girls notice this. Mostly I have seen while talking if a girl keeps her eyes intact with a guy, their eyes seem to search for different place *wink* You know what I mean right?! 😛

3) What he is wearing

This is the highlight of all the points, because a girl notices everything top to bottom. Its not from the judgment perspective, its just a girl gets to know what kind of a person the guy is by his dressing style. If he is a gentleman, or a fun and funky guy, the outfit says it all!

4) His walking style

Even if a guy is walking from a distance lets say 100 meters, the girl notices the style in which they walk. Confidence and the style in which they walk is what every girl loves to see in a guy. It makes the girl’s heart skip a beat when a guy shows that hot attitude of his.

5) His smile

Now don’t tell me that you don’t checkout that! A smile is the first thing every girl dies to see in a guy. Its their magical charm that makes the girl fall in love with them. One smile can change the entire atmosphere guys! You can actually grab her attention if you want her to look at you. *wink*

6) How he smells

Its always good to smell good right?! And if a guy smells too good then the girl is gonna sit next to you all day.. And the icing of the cake is when he has that amazing perfume fragrance that makes the girl go on her knees! Trust me it tempts her…

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