7 Everyday Problems Only Girls With Oily Skin Would Relate To

Imagesource: femalevenue.com

Many girls have so many daily struggles in their life that seem to be endless. From acne problems, to PMS problems and having a bad hair day are some of the common issues faced by them. But, do you know girls even have everyday skin problem which just adds to their bucket list making them more agitated.

One of the everyday problems face by every girl is having an oily skin. I know the feeling. Your skin is always in melting mode and even if you put on makeup then everything is absorbed by your skin! The funny part is that you don’t have to use a highlighter on your face because your skin already has the shine and grease it needs! 😛

Well, these are the everyday struggles only people with oily skin would relate to and agree with totally! So, lets checkout some of the oily skin problems faced by them.

1) Makeup absorption

Imagesource:  bustle.com
Imagesource: bustle.com

This is one of the most common issues faced by girls. No matter how much ever compact powder and foundation cream you apply, look at yourself in the mirror after half an hour and you will see there is no makeup! As though someone wiped it off your face. Your skin tends to absorb anything.

2) Goodbye Highlighter

Goodbye-HighlighterYou don’t need to apply a highlighter on your face, because your skin naturally gives the effect as though you had applied a fresh highlighter. That moment when your friend asks you which highlighter do you use, and you be like, “ sweat or grease” 😛

3) Oil sticks to your phone

Oil-sticks-to-your-phoneHas it ever happened when you are on a call and minutes after you keep the phone you see “smears of grease” on your phone? If its a yes, then every minute you need to keep wiping off the oil because it leaves marks on your phone screen making it look bad.

4) Reflection “glare” when you take selfies

Imagesource: smartlocal.com
Imagesource: smartlocal.com

You girls always need to find the right camera angle to get the perfect selfie shot, because there is too much light that makes your face look shiny and it will give you bad photos! So, this is one of the most common problems because SELFIE is everything and you would do anything to get the right picture.

5) Acne and breakouts

Acne-and-breakoutsIt seems that constant acne pores and breakouts are your best friends! If you have oily skin then you must be prepared for these terrible problems that can ruin your skin. The worst part is if you are going for a party and you see an acne your mood is killed for that moment.

6) Oily Eyes

Oily-EyesYou would be so tempted to buy those smoky eyeliners but what’s the point! They are going to come-off because your skin is way too oily. By the end of the day it is too difficult to blink because of the amount of oil clotted in your skin and all the eye makeup you did just disappears!

7) Greasy bangs and baby hair

Imagesource: intothegloss.com
Imagesource: intothegloss.com

Forget this hairstyle if you have oily skin. It only will stick to your hair and make you look all stupid and weird. This is one of the most annoying and common problems with girls having oily skin.

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