7 Legendary Things Only Indians Can Do That Proves They Are Super Cool Beings!

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Indians are very talented and they are also number one “jugaadus” when it comes to creating innovative things and finding solutions to common problems in life. Sometimes they go out of the way and do stuff thinking that they are super cool beings and there is “nothing like literally nothing that they cannot do.” 😛

Its stupid though, but desi people are after all desi people. They have a solution to everything even though it doesnt make sense, still its “kaam chalaao” types for them.

So, lets look at some of the legendary things only Indians can do, because they are masters of innovation and creativity.

Scroll through to read about these ultimate cool peeps *sarcasm**

1) Pehle Engineering Kari, Phir MBA Kara, Landed in some random job!

giphyI have seen many people switch careers as though they are changing their clothes! They make it look so easy and simple that you sit and wonder why so much effort dude. I mean first you guys pursue an engineering degree, then you go for an MBA, after years you realize that’s not your passion and you end up being a musician. *slow claps* for these type of desi peeps.

2) Continuously pressing both the buttons the elevator

Continuously-pressingIncredible India. Its because of few people, India is 2 steps behind in the race against success 😛 What kind of logic is this? Some amazing ( sarcasm) people wait for the elevator and then after two seconds they become so impatient that they start pressing both the buttons together. The elevator also would say, “ bhai chahta kya hai?! “

3) Fake accent = Baap of all languages

fake-assentsAnytime you see an Indian return from foreign land you will notice them talking in a language that will make you *face palm*. Talking in a fake accent to show that yes we are US return makes them not only stupid people but they are also made fun of by everyone 😛 The best part is even to foreigners they fake that accent LOL!

4) Parking in front of the NO PARKING SIGN

parkingThe concept is simple. If you see the sign NO it clearly means you have all the rights to do the opposite thing. If any Indian sees the NO Parking board, there only they will go and park their vehicle. I am curious to know this… is it the mentality or you guys don’t know the meaning of NO?! 😛

5) Traffic Signal For Indians Be Like: Green = Go, Yellow = Speed Up, Red= Slow Down

trafficMany times you would have come across lunatics who think that they own the roads.. like they say Baap Ka Road Hai, they mean it though. You can see cars speeding and going whenever there is a greens signal and the moment the signal turns to yellow, the speed limit increases because that’s a reminder for them that red is for you to stop.

6) Follow what the internet does. Why?! Because its trending

followMany Indians have this amazing yet hilarious habit of following whatever is happening on the internet to be updated and you know support whatever the f*** is happening. For instance, if there is an ice bucket challenge happening, they will follow without knowing what it is for 😛 Sudden changes of whatsapp statuses and Facebook DP’s changed to support a social cause. “Arey Bhai Tumhe Pata Bhi Hai Iska Kya Matlab Hai?”

7) Marriage time= Right Age

marriageI never knew that there was an age limit to marriage?! I mean girls should get married by the age of 25 and boys should get married by the age of 27. Why so?! Because “kuwari ladki khule hue thijori ki tarah hoti hai!” 😛 ( spinster girls are like open treasures)

Image Credits: Giphy.com

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