7 Rules Every Indian Parent Expect Their Children To Follow!

7 Rules Every Indian Parent Expect Their Children To Follow!
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All our beliefs, our manners and moral values are taught by our parents from the time we were small. If you look at every Indian parent they have certain dreams for their children and they want them to always be successful in life which is a good thing, but sometimes it feels like they enforce certain rules that the kid must follow :PI am sure everyone would have had this experience

I am sure everyone would have had this experience atleast once where your parent would have had these weird rules at home that you need to follow. For your parents you are still as 12-yeard old child who listens to them and their decisions are your decisions but they forget that you are also an independent person! Some of the rules are absurd and when I think of them now I laugh it off thinking how stupid it is and people have actually made these rules 😛

So, lets check at some of the parental rules every Indian kid faces in their day to day life!

1) Visit the temple every year on your birthday

visit-templeThis is one of the most common rules every parent tell their kids on their birthdays. It is good to start your day by visiting God but you can also visit any other holy place, if it is a church, a mosque or you can also believe in karma and just be at home. Your faith is the only thing that matters.

2) If a black cat crosses your path, wait for someone to pass by

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This is a myth that many people still believe and even our parents follow this rule of keeping lives secured 😛 I mean have you ever wondered what if you don’t notice the black cat at all and you blindly pass by will it do any harm?!! The answer is no, because we tend to think mentally that something bad is going to happen because the cat crossed! Its just a damn cat who is black in color 😛

3) Don’t fall in love during your teenage years

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This is the priority rule of most parents when it comes to love and relationship! They think that children might go in the wrong direction and ruin their life, but I feel that every parent should let their child know and choose what is right and wrong! They will learn from this puppy love!4) When you grow up

4) When you grow up you have to become an engineer, doctor or a lawyer

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It is true that our parents think the best for our career, but you should do what you love! What you are passionate about. You can become a dancer a teacher or even a journalist! Do what you want just follow your dreams and remember never to regret any decision taken in your life.

5) Stay with parents until your marriage

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I must say this is one of the most silliest things every parent tell their children. Give them a chance to study or look out for a job in a different place and live independently! That’s how life is.. you learn when you struggle everyday.

6) Get married at 25 and have kids by the age of 28

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I still don’t understand who made this theory! Why is there a timeline in doing these things! You can wait and look for the perfect time when you have to.. Future planning is good but setting age bars is something really crazy.

7) Share everything. Like literally everything 😛

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I know this is the most hilarious things parents tell us when they want to know everything about our personal lives! Its good that they want to be our friends and they want us to share everything. If you feel like sharing you share. Wait and take your time if you are going through an emotional moment. Your parents will understand.

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