7 Tips to Make Your Man Addicted to You


It is not easy to make someone addicted to you but if you know the proper tricks then your man will always remain with you. You just need to improvise or magnify your actions in order to get your man addicted to you.

Get Your Man Addicted To You

1. Your Personality

Your-PersonalityYour personality is something which is capable of attracting anyone towards you. We are not referring to the outer appearance. Instead, we are talking about your real self. So, keep yourself in such a way that he can see the good inside you.

2. A Feature of Yours

A-Feature-of-YoursThere is always a feature of your body that your guy thinks is attracting. It could be your smile, your eyes, or your lips. Try to give more importance to these features of you. If you really want your guy to notice you then keep that highlighted when you are in front of him.

3. Your confidence

Your-confidenceWhatever you will project in front of your guy will get unnoticeable if you don’t have enough confidence to stand in front of a few people and talk properly. Guys love those kind of girls who are independent and are full of self-confidence.

4. Be Full of Life

Be-Full-of-LifeYour life is something which can attract this guy towards you. If your life seems exciting to this guy then the sure sign suggests that he would try to get more and more of you. So, try enjoying time when you are with yourself.

5. Independence

IndependenceWe have already mentioned earlier that a guy love to have an independent girl for him. It is something which assures him that his personal space won’t get hindered if he can find a suitable independent girl.

6. Play Various Characters

Play-Various-CharactersA girl who could care like a mother, listen to his problems like a friend, and love him like a lover. He wants such a girl who can serve several roles in his life because he doesn’t know at what time he will be needing what kind of treatment.

7. Do Not Open Up

Do-Not-Open-UpBe a mystery for him. If you show him everything about you then there is no fun and the guy will get bored soon. But, if you present yourself as a mystery then he won’t stop chasing you.

So, that sums up our list of how to keep a guy addicted to you.

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Tiru Dehariya

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