7 Wonderful Nursery Rhymes For Kids


Nursery rhymes are considered as the most precious tools for kids to learn language and communication skills. When one need to list out a few of the thousands of nursery rhymes then it is really a tough decision. So, in this category of our short listed picks we have gathered a few of nursery rhymes with which kids are never going to feel bored.

Best of Nursery Rhymes

1. Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty came into existence during the time of Civil War in England. There was a huge canon with the name Humpty Dumpty. It was placed on the walled Royalist city of Colchester. After 11 weeks of firing, the gun came down tumbling from the top but after that neither the kings men and kings horses were able to put it in its position.

The poem is brilliantly written by Lewis Carroll who is also the author of Alice In Wonderland.

2. Ring A Ring O’ Roses

This poem represents one of the first circle games that kids love to play. The two verses of this poem are without any sense. But, the first stanza is believed to be related to the Black Death.

3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This is probably the very first nursery rhyme that you have heard. It is already repetitive in nature and children won’t take much time to learn this outstanding nursery rhyme.

4. The Wheels On The Bus

I must admit that this is the favorite nursery rhyme of my almost 2-year old nephew. This one of the addicting tunes that you hear. It gets stick to your mind and stays there for long time.

5. Incy Wincy Spider

These kind of rhymes helps in the speech development of kids. From repetition of shaping vowels and consonants, the poem is having everything which a little kid needs.

6. Old MacDonald

Old MacDonald is another cute nursery rhyme which is having an attractive tune linked to it. It is really fun to hear this old but still popular rhyme.

7. 5 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed


This last pick of ours is great for the kids who are learning counting. This is a relatable rhyme for the kids as all kids love to bounce on beds.

Well, that was our picks. Let us know if you have any other nursery rhymes which will never bore kids.

Tiru Dehariya

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