A Video Celebrating The Love Of Kids For Their Mothers

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“Patience is the key to raising a child”

This would be very familiar to parents and especially the mothers. We all must agree that motherhood is something which comes with many doubts. From the beginning, a mother won’t be able to decide is she properly holding her child, is she going to a good mother to her child, do she need to cradle her child? And what not? But, with passing time, the situation looks more stressful. There is still no proper guidelines for a mother to raise her kid. So, most of the times, it is her who needs to take a decision for her child. It is a real responsibility to raise a child.

decision for her child

In this video, a few women were asked to define themselves as mothers. All of them were concerned for their kids and expresses their stressful situations as a parent. The later, part of the video is when their kids were invited to ask what they feel about their mothers. All the kids have amazing words to describe their mothers.

describe their mothers

The video is shared by a YouTube channel called Elevation Church.

Watch this video which expresses the love of kids for their mothers:

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Tiru Dehariya