Air India Trolls Indigo In A Hilarious Way! Now That’s What We Call Payback Time!


When it comes to airlines, companies do know how to point the false points and take a dig at them. I am sure everyone know Air India the so called number one airlines has taken a savage dig on the low-cost Indigo airlines since the assault video has gone viral in the internet past 24 hours.

Well, for those who are wondering what the video is about, I am sure many of you have seen some incidents that have created a ruckus in few airlines thereby having a bad experience flying with them. But, what video went viral is that of a manhandling incident at the Delhi airport.

Apparently, an Indigo passenger Rajeev Katiyal is seen pinned on the ground and he was chocked by the Indigo staff member because the airline staff asked the passenger to not stand under the wing of the aircraft. Immediately, the video went viral and other competitor airlines took a savage dig on this tarmac terror incident.

Well *slow claps* for Air India for slaying and mocking Indigo airlines in such a deep way that gave an indirect message to the airlines with regard to the recent incident.

One of the ads issued by Air India featured the famous Maharaja with a text that captioned, “ We raise our hands only to say Namaste.” Here is a snapshot of the tweet.


Then there was another ad that featured a logo with the slogan, “ Unbeatable Service”. Since, then the ad was later deleted by Air India’s official twitter account.

Looks like not only Air India was having fun with Indigo, but Jet Airways was also in the mood to take some dig and make fun of the airlines. It seems that Jet Airways was also dragged in the controversy after the Indigo airlines incident went viral and there was someone who made a fake picture with the line, “ we beat our competition not you.” and this picture has also become the highlight of the news.

But, guess what?! Jet Airways issued an official statement saying they have not made any picture and that it is fake. They clarified the issue and in their twitter account they wrote, “ Jet Airways did not commission the creative being shared on social media platforms, in context of a recent event concerning another domestic airline. The creative does not reflect our philosophy and ethos and is in fact, in bad taste.”

Since then, Air India’s tweet went viral on the internet and many people appreciated the savage take the airlines did and also came up with jokes of their own.

You will roll over the floor laughing, after reading these tweets! 😛

Check em’ out.


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