Amir Khan Teased By Ice Cream Vendor: The Video Is Too Funny!


I am sure you would have heard and even experienced the Turkish ice creams that is the most delicious and most commonly talked about vendors everywhere! The amazing part about them is how they tease and trick the customers before handing over the ice cream to them 😛

Well, even celebrities are tricked by these ice cream vendors and one of them was Aamir Khan, who went to Turkey as of late to promote his upcoming film Secret Superstar, to stopped at the nearby local stall to get an ice- cream.

He was totally amused when he was tricked in getting his ice cream which is too hilarious! The merchant played some slick, and super cool, tricks on Khan while he waited for his ice cream patiently.

Khan didn’t appear to mind however. He tweeted the video, which has since turned into a web sensation, with the caption “Sabar ka phall meetha (Good things go to people who wait). Beautiful Turkish ice cream:- )”.

An astonished Khan can be seen blasting into laughter as the vendor tricked him.

Indeed, it took the on-screen character well finished a moment to at last get his treat, not before he shook hands with the ice cream vendor.

Khan has a tremendous fan following in Turkey with many supposedly separating to tears in the wake of getting a look at the genius.

Amid a media association in the nation, the PK performer said he had been “constantly getting messages from Turkey” to visit the nation, ANI detailed.

“I didn’t realize that in Turkey young people were watching my movies. They continued welcoming me and from that point forward I [have said I]would like to come here,” he expressed.

An amazing video of the ice cream vendor can bee seen hoodwinking customers with his sleight of hand circulated around the web a couple of years ago.

Daily Mail at the time revealed that “The mystery of his prosperity lies in substantial part on account of mastic gum, a fixing generally utilized as a part of Turkish sweets that gives the dessert its elasticity and keeps it from falling apart.”

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