‘Anukul’ A Short Film By Sujoy Ghosh Is Captivating!

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Anukul is a short film that is directed by Sujoy Ghosh and is based on Satyajit Ry’s book and it is truly captivating and you will totally love the film. With ‘Anukul’, Ghosh endeavors to make a short film that passes on its significance through gestures rather than dialog. Here, the subtext supersedes the verbality and in that lies the magnificence.

It is the narrative of a man who contracts a robot-human for his day by day tasks. The robot resembles a human, demonstrations like one and on occasion even thinks like one yet in the race between innovation and ‘dil’, the people will dependably have a high ground.

Anukul04The film starts with Nikunj (Saurabh Shukla) attempting to purchase a robot and inquires about its usefulness. The crowd is gradually let into this universe and we’re informed that the item he’s purchasing is really a human-android who can be utilized as a house-attendant. We are informed that there are no extra time charges and he doesn’t take any ends of the week off. Who wouldn’t need a robot of this nature?

The film is set in a tragic future that keeps up its authenticity by method for displaying the surroundings as we probably am aware them today, yet modern it is. The android-people are beginning to take once again a wide range of occupations that prior utilized people. Obviously, they are robots who don’t take any ends of the week off. Who wouldn’t employ them? The social agitation against the robots is rising. There are challenges them by the people yet it feels like an inescapable change that is assuming control over the general public. From numerous points of view, this feels like the start of the modern transformation. The change that was staying put yet wasn’t invited by our kind.

Anukul, the android, (played by Parambrata Chattopadhyay) is a blameless looking ‘man’, who loves to peruse and is entranced by the accumulation of books at his boss’ home. His machine doesn’t rest thus he invests all his free energy perusing. In any case, his perusing isn’t quite recently mechanical, he knows how to decipher and that improves him than general people. Anukul and Nikunj’s discussions feel like an understudy instructor relationship. Their dialog over The Gita and Dharma is very much used and serves the bigger plot too.


Anukul02The film’s center lies in the consistent fight amongst man and machine. The unavoidable changes that are outside one’s ability to control can either be acknowledged entire heartedly on the grounds that, at last, just a single can rise as the champ. The android machines can be controlled in light of the fact that a man’s ability to figure, translate and feel will surpass the robot’s, or that is the thing that we think at the present time, however opposing a change that is substantially bigger than every one of us resembles living in a silly situation.

Anukul01The short film makes one consider the potential outcomes that are very nearly turning into a reality and Ghosh’s frightful tone in a few sections of the film abandons you with a spooky inclination. It makes one think about that whether this is what’s to come we’re currently venturing into, at that point the race for survival will turn much more ruthless however just for the individuals who are not willing to welcome it.

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