Avengers Infinity War Trailer Is Out and It Will Give You Goosebumps!


The most anticipated film of the year is none other than Avengers Infinity War and the fans have been drooling over this film like crazy and finally Marvel’s have officially released the trailer of the film. From the past 24 hours the the internet is going crazy since it has got as much as 230 million views breaking many records!

Now, you must be wondering what the trailer is all about. Well, the team is back in action again with the Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Spiderman, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant Man and not to forget Black Panther. Yes, you will get to see all of them in the same film and it cant be more exciting than this!

Avengers-Infinity01Here in this trailer you will notice some of the things like Loki holding the Tesseract that was last seen in Odin’s chamber on Asgard and Captain America is also looking hot with his beard and he is in form. You will also see Hulk back in NY City and Thor is still wandering in space. The Black Widow, Hulk, War Machine and Captain are teaming up with Black Panther and defending Wakanda.

Avengers-Infinity02The interesting part is that we might also get to see Black Widow’s and Hulk “love” reunion. Have you seen Spdierman’s flashy new suit? Its a killer and Iron Man is the cool dude as ever.

I think the trailer is really epic and its beyond epic and you will be amazed to see the trailer as it will keep you glued to your screens!

These superheroes will team up together from all the Marvel movies that have come in the last decade and they will fight against the evil Thanos and the fight is worth watching!

03All I would say is that just take a deep breath and watch the trailer as you will get the vibe and goosebumps watching your favorite superhero battle on the field!

Cant wait for the movie to release though! Avengers Infinity War you have done a great job.

04Wait until May 4th 2018 to watch the film in theaters!

Watch the trailer here

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