Bacterial Cement and Bricks | BioMASON – Built with Nature

Bacterial Cement and Bricks | BioMASON – Built with Nature

BioMason,an ecologically sustaining, eco-friendly biotech-start-up, is the futuristic and innovative organization, which makes its products using a process that’s more than million years old. BioMason, is a company that grows bricks and cement from scratch without the use of heat, which is used in the traditional brick-making, which releases massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere; But,BioMason’s innovative approach is to use bacteria infused raw materials, following the process of coral making, which takes about 4-5 days.

While working for an architectural firm, Ginger Krieg Dosier, CEO of BioMason, in 2005, was asked with looking into green alternatives for building materials- although she could find alternatives for other materials, but not for brick and masonry.”I grew a deep love for coral.

I looked at how coral was able to make these incredible structural formations that could withstand water and erosion and began really researching how it was able to grow.” She spoke about it to other researchers at the Research Triangle Park and their opinions were fairly simple- It could be done
while-working-for-an-architDosier imagined and wanted to prove that the biochemistry could do things in days what geological processes take millennia to accomplish. BioMason also won the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Challenge.
dosier-imaginedBacteria provides a precise environment for the cement and bricks to form with a calcium source, nutrient, nitrogen and optimum temperature. The microbial brick making takes about five days to produce a pre-cast material.

By:Archa Dave

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