BBC Has An Oops Moment As It Airs Amitabh Bachchan And Rishi Kapoor Clips To Pay Tribute To Shashi Kapoor!


Yesterday was a sad day in the Bollywood industry as the famous legend Shashi Kapoor passed away.The same number of tweeted, the passing of veteran on-screen character Shashi Kapoor on Monday resembled the finish of a time.

Lamentably, however, in the middle of the overflow of condolence messages via web-based networking media, a typographical blunder by a news channel Times Now in one of their tweets prompted a facepalm moment as Shashi Tharoor, the government official who is additionally known for his great looks, was named rather than Kapoor, prompting Tharoor’s office phone with condolences calls.

Yet, that wasn’t the main instance of mixed up personality that occurred on Monday. BBC News likewise ran a tribute cut on Kapoor, yet the scraps going with the grave bundle were not of Kapoor but rather his co-performing artist from Kabhi and Deewar, Amitabh Bachchan, and his nephew performer Rishi Kapoor.

The video of the clip being aired on TV has circulated around the web via web-based networking media with many people who have become furious and are now looking for a statement of apology from the news association for the blunder.

In the video that has been broadcast shows the clip of Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha from the film Kabhi Kabhie (in which, to be reasonable, Shashi Kapoor was the other main character) alongside another of Rishi Kapoor singing the melody Pyar kar liya to kya from a similar film was used and the shocking part is that there is no segment of Shashi Kapoor in the video at all!

This made the twitterati’s furious and immediately they asked the news channel to apologize for the grave mistake done by them.

once the tactless act had been distinguished via web-based networking media, tweeple began labeling BBC and requesting that they apologize.

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