Best TVF ‘Qtiyapa’ Videos That You Must Watch: You Will Die Laughing!


For all those wondering what TVF Qtiyapa is all about, it is one of the amazing online networks where you can find posts that are hilarious and it has nearly 36million viewers! This channel is viewed mainly by the youth and it has gained popularity over the coming years.

In 2009, when MTV and other youth amusement directs in India rejected the show proposed by Arunabh Kumar, he thought of making a devoted online channel for youth. In late 2010, Arunabh transferred the primary video on YouTube and within two or three days the video got 17k+ hits, yet that was quite recently the modest begin. The second video which was the parody of MTV’s most renowned show Roadies gathered more than a million hits in only 5 days. Along these lines, that is the way everything started.

So, here’s an amazing list of some of the best TVF Qtiyapa Videos that you must watch and I am sure you will die laughing! Scroll down to have some fun!

1.Bollywood Aad Aadmi Party: Arnab’s Qtiyapa

2.Rowdies 9: Sab Qtiyapa Hai

3.Emotional Atya- Charge: Recharge Qtiyapa

4.Rowdies XXX: Extra X Extra Qtiyapa

5.Gangs of Social Media: Valentine’s Qtiyapa

6.Ek Thi behen: Rakhi Qtiyapa

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