Bhansali Clarifies Rumors Of Romance Scenes Between Rani Padmini And Alauddin Khilji In Padmavati


Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali has rubbished gossipy tidbits and reports of a romantic dream scene between Rani Padmavati and Allauddin Khilji in his inevitable motion picture Padmavati.

“There is no connection at all between the characters played by Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh,” Bhansali said.

Things have been intense for the Sanjay Leela Bhansali wander with different political and religious organizations questioning the content of the film. Presently, trying to put every one of the bits of gossip and debates to rest, the director has shared a video in which Bhansali proclaims there is zero connection between Rani Padmavati (Deepika’s character) and Khilji (Ranveer’s character).

In the video, Bhansali can be seen saying,“Through this video, I want to tell you all something. Padmavati has been made with a lot of responsibility and hard work. I have always been inspired by Rani Padmini’s story and this film is just a tribute to her honor and courage. But because of some rumours, the film is being dragged into a controversy. The rumor is of Rani Padmini and Allaudin Khilji having a dream sequence. I have clarified it earlier and I am doing it again through this video that there is no scene in the film which will hurt anyone’s sentiments. We have kept the honor of Rajputs intact. So, there are no such scene or any sort of dream sequence which would hurt anyone. Thank you.”

In a most recent meeting to Filmfare, Ranveer has additionally said he has no scenes with Deepika. To an inquiry in the case of having Deepika, with whom he shares an individual condition, as his co-star in this “stressful film” helped, Ranveer stated, “I have no scenes with her in this film at all. But it’s nice to have someone you can confide in. It’s comforting.”


Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s tremendously anticipated film Padmavati tries to praise the story of the relinquish of Queen Padmini of Mewar. The film likewise includes Ranveer Singh as Alauddin Khilji and Shahid Kapoor as Maharawal Ratan Singh.

Padmavati is film is all set to hit the theaters on 1st December.

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