After Bigboss 11 Hina Khan Answered Most Controversial Questions

After Bigboss 11 Hina Khan Answered Most Controversial Questions

Hina Khan was one of the foremost controversial contestants of Bigg Boss eleven. Often, she was targeted for her rude behavior and vanity.

She had additionally created headlines for “Renting clothes”; as we tend to all recognize, Hina had got scores of designer garments along with her and none got continual. A designer had additionally defendant Hina’s stylist of borrowing garments from alternative designers.

Apart from that, Hina was trolled for her maths & her forgetful angle. The Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai role player wont to usually modification statements that wont to irritate social media users. If you closely noticed Twitter throughout Bigg Boss eleven, it wont to be stuffed with memes and trolls adjoin Hina’s playing and her chesty approach of talking.

At last, Hina has broken silence on of these matters.

In AN exclusive interview with TV Times, Hina has given superb responses to some hottest queries. once journalist asked her regarding rental garments, Hina aforementioned that she had left this job to her stylist. The role player aforementioned that her stylist had “Sourced” garments and not “Rented” or “Borrowed” them. In fact, Hina says that each, herself similarly because the designer, were proud of this method which person had no right to investigate this.

Talking concerning trolls, Hina aforementioned that Bigg Boss altered some elements and didn’t show full statements to audience, that is why she was misinterpreted.

Hina additionally talked concerning however Rocky and her family were her robust pillar of support and the way they fought the planet for her.

Watch the complete interview right away:


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