Bigg Boss Contestant Priyank Sharma Clears The Air About His Ex-Girlfriend: Signs Of Relief For Divya Aggarwal?

Bigg Boss Contestant Priyank Sharma Clears The Air About His Ex-Girlfriend: Signs Of Relief For Divya Aggarwal?

Past few days the internet is talking about the famous Bigg Boss contestant Priyank Sharma’s personal life. Everybody is eager to know whom he’s dating and whom he’s not. If you are following the extra episodes on Voot, then you would have seen the intense discussion Priyank Sharma and the housemates have on his girlfriend.

Apparently, Priyank Sharma and Hina Khan have a discussion where he mentions about his Jaan in US and the video has gone viral since his girlfriend Diya Aggarwal saw the unseen footage. All of us know that Priyank Sharma and Diya Aggarwal have been in a relationship since Splitsvilla and their romance has been the highlight of the internet. But, looks like it ain’t paradise for the duo anymore!

When she tries to be taller than you. Interview with Lehran TV was one of the best times ever with you. #cookiekiki

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Raj, agar yeh tujhe pyaar karti hai, toh yeh palat ke dekhegi. Palat… Palat… Palat… @divyaagarwal_official

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After seeing the video clip, Divya spoke about how heart broken she is in an interview with the Indian Express where she states that she is disappointed with Priyank for not mentioning her at all in the house and saying that his girlfriend is ‘studying in US’, who actually happens to be his ex. “…he hasn’t spoken once about me on the show and his ex-girlfriend has become the centre of all his conversations. As these things are sinking in, I realise that the media had guessed this outcome and had thus been asking about our relationship time and again,” she said.

She also further says that she is ready to accept anything that happens between the two only after confirming from him once.“Even when I am seeing things going wrong, there’s still a lingering thought in my mind that he might be able to clear all my doubts. I guess only when he tells me that we are no more together will I accept it. And I don’t know how will I react on that,” she said.

But wait… the conversation does not stop here! In the latest episode of Bigg Boss, Priyank Sharma is seen clarifying on who his real girlfriend is! In Voot’s unseen footage he is seen having a casual discussion with the housemates where he clearly states that the girl in US is his close friend since 6th grade and that she is not his girlfriend.

Priyank Sharma is seen having a relaxed conversation with Hina Khan, Benafshah Soonawallah where they tease and ask how many girlfriends he has. To that he says that he is dating Divya at the moment.

It must be a relief for Divya after so many speculations she had about their relationship, but seems like everything will be confirmed only when he comes out of the house and she speaks to him about his personal life.

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