Deepika’s Classmate Reveals Her Character In College! Said The Girl Used To Bunk Her Classes For..

Deepika's Classmate Reveals Her Character In College! Said The Girl Used To Bunk Her Classes For..

Deepika never fails to make an impression us with her attraction and beauty; her activities have been awesome and I am sure you wish to see her on big screen. Apart from creating a mark in Bollywood, she has also tasted success in Movie with her debut movie “xXx: Return of Xander Cage”.

There have recently been many speculations about Deepika’s personal life, but the girl hardly leads to on this. Yes, she prefers being mum rather than which makes it a subject of mass media gossip. People have recently been very curious about her alleged affair with Ranveer Singh, but sadly Deepika never speaks about it.

Her fans wish to know everything about her personal life, which is why they keep posting questions on Quora. One of these posted, “How is Deepika Padukone as a person in real life? “, however the| end user had no clue that he/she would actually get an answer from Deepika’s former classmate.

Yes, an user (Anonymous) who said to be Deepika’s classmate chose to answer this question and revealed the actress’ nature during her college days.

Have a Look at Snapshot of the Discussion:



Much like other students, even Deepika would bunk her classes but this was because she was extremely dedicated to her professional responsibilities i. e. modelling and badminton. We loved this secret bit of information about Deepika; it’s interesting to know that she gets always been down to ground. Her face reflects her subtlety, i remember agree?

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