Food Myths That You Thought Are Still True But They Are Not Anymore!


We’ve all heard what’s coming to us of food myths throughout the years and after some time it winds up noticeably harder to separate between what’s really actuality and what’s myth.

When we were kids we were told a great deal of untruths identified about food items. Seems like we were too innocent and obedient to our elders 😛 Well some of them were myths, some were simply lies like Santa being genuine, and your tooth turning gold coin if you keep it underneath your pillow! So, lets get some answers concerning the food myths in India that are absolutely false.

It’s a great opportunity to put a conclusion to these appealing myths, misguided judgments, and errors went down through the ages.

Scroll through to find out some of the food myths that you thought are still true but they are not anymore!

1) If you put your tooth inside a glass of Coke overnight, it will dissolve!


Well, this myth is absolutely false and people have been lying about for many years! The possibility that any aerated drink namely coke can dissolve our tooth and damage out teeth after drink is really ridiculous! As if we keep the drink in our mouth for weeks 😛 Guys, this is a false fact! You can chill and enjoy your drink, nothing will happen even if you dissolve one. For all the bubbly darlings, this myth is not valid.

2) If you swallow plant seed, then a plant will grow inside your stomach!

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This is one of the most lame things I have ever come across! Our parents used to tell these lies about swallowing plant seeds! We were too innocent that time and playfully we have swallowed the seed some time or the other! Relax guys, it just passes out via your digestive system! It will cause you no harm.

3) The fact that Kurkure has plastic!

Do you remember this insane myth that had gone viral and people actually stopped eating Kurkure because of this! People also experimented by burning Kurkure to see if there is plastic! Was it true?! No, it wasn’t true. For all those Kurkure lovers you can still munch your favorite chips and it will not harm you.

4) An Insane combination of Coke+ Mentos= Death!


Have you ever heard about this deadly combination that was hyped around? Many say that if you are eating Mentos and then you drink a glass of coke you will die! It will just cause a chemical reaction and might lead to stomach motions but not death! That is really absurd and false.

5) If you ever swallow chewing gum then it will stick inside your stomach and never come out!


Do you really think this is true?! It is not! People have this crazy myth and many of them believe it also! Have you ever seen what is happening inside your stomach?! THen how can you conclude such things! Even if you swallow a gum by mistake it will just pass through next day and not sit and have a picnic inside forever! It is not a guest to stay 😛 Its a food item. Relax its not true!

Crazy right?! I hope now all your confusion has gone!

Food Myths That You Thought Are Still True But They Are Not Anymore!
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