Friendship At Stake Between Priyank Sharma And Hina Khan In Bigg Boss?


When you are in a reality show you know that anything can happen. Fights, drama, friendships and emotions are put to test and many things are also revealed with every episode of Bigg Boss. I am sure all of you know how “dramatic” Hina Khan has become and not very much people are fond of her inside the house as well as outside. But, looks like now Priyank Sharma is also not interested in keeping any friendship with her.

Yes, in the latest episode of Bigg Boss Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma are seen having a heated discussion on how Hina Khan is insecure inside the house. Well, it all started when Salman Khan played pool games with the contestant and they were asked to be very frank while answering questions.

That’s when Salman asked Priyank whether Hina Khan is insecure and surprisingly he said “Yes” that inturn made Hina upset.

Looks like Hina is very upset with both Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma and she has decided to cut all ties with both of them. Obviously she would do that because she feels that her image inside the Bigg Boss house is getting affected.

What’s funny is that she has no idea what image she has outside the house and this is going to make her upset even more.

Hina Khan disagrees to Priyank and she feels that he should not have said such things on National Television as it could hamper her reputation. But, Priyank and Luv dont seem to care anymore because they feel that she is just acting things out and she is making a really big deal out of it.

This over-reacting and hyped behavior is  becoming annoying and Hina constantly bugging and saying that Priyank should have not mentioned anything like that is irritating. Priyank also strongly feels that she should have spoken to him directly and justified or should have apologised. But, it is clear that Priyank is not at all “sorry” about whatever he said on national television because of how Hina reacts inside the house.

I am sure everyone know how sensitive she can be and this is how she has reacted by cutting off all her ties with all the housemates and she is playing alone and yes she is all alone inside the house. Hina was also noticed saying that she will be very lonely if Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma would leave the house and Shilpa Shinde would torture her, but now since she has put an end to all this, she has to deal with her loneliness from this moment onwards.

Bigg Boss reality show is full of drama, gossip and entertainment so dont forget to stay updated with the latest episodes and behind the scenes that happen inside the house.

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