Here’s How Fans Trolled Raju Srivastava For Passing Comments On Shilpa Shinde! Watch Video

Here’s How Fans Trolled Raju Srivastava For Passing Comments On Shilpa Shinde! Watch Video

I am sure many of you know the famous comedian Raju Srivastava who is known for his wit and humor and has entertained the people throughout giving them a good laugh. But, it looks like this time people are really annoyed with him for making disgusting comments on Bigg Boss contestant Shilpa Shinde and since then fans have been brutally trolling him.

If you are following Bigg Boss show on colors tv then you might be aware of the show called “ Entertainment Ki Raat” which is aired right after the reality show. That’s where it all happened. It is basically a comedy show where it has many comedians perform and telly stars interview celebrities and joke about them in order to create the comedy and humor.

So, during an episode that was aired, Raju passed some personal comments that did not turn out so well for the viewers and it became a big issue and twitter trolled him because they did not like what he said.

The guests on the show were Bandgi Kalra, Hiten Tejwani, Vindu Dara Singh and Lopamudra Raut. If you have been watching Bigg Boss daily then you would know that Shilpa Shinde was given the name “maa” by Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani, but soon they had a fight and soon Arshi and Akash started insulting Shilpa by the same name.

That’s when Raju in a humorous way tried to recall the incident that took place inside the house and he said that if Shilpa Shinde is so eager to become a mother then she should also know that there is Shakti Kapoor waiting outside the house always!

Oops! This was really personal and not justified of Raju to pass such a comment on public platform. Not only the viewers felt bad, but the fans of Shilpa Shinde too were upset and disappointed about what had happened and they now expect Raju to apologize for the statement made by him publicly.

It looks like the fans are not going to keep quiet till the comedian apologizes to the Bigg Boss contestant.

Comedy is something light and it is enjoyed by everyone, but it looks like Raju Srivastav made an offensive statement and killed the whole vibe of comedy!

Now with the news going viral, looks like Raju is in for some clarification. After so many floating messages, he took to Facebook to clear the air that was breaking the internet!


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