Most Hilarious Double Meaning Bollywood Songs That You Must Listen To!

Most Hilarious Double Meaning Bollywood Songs That You Must Listen To!

They say music is the soul of a film, and yes it truly is! Without a song we feel there is something lacking in the film. There have been hundreds and thousands of Bollywood songs that have stole the hearts of the audience. Have you ever come across songs that you feel has something more than what the lyrics tell you?!

I know right, there are these amazingly crazy songs that have some of the funny lyrics and then you realize they have double meanings to it. Sometimes its nice to have a dirty mind 😛 You know what I mean right?! *wink* Well, some songs are really perverted if you haven’t noticed them and if you listen to them now carefully, you will understand what meaning they are trying to convey you.

Scroll through and laugh out loud as you are about to discover these hilariously double meaning Bollywood songs!

1)D.K. Bose ( Delhi Belly- 2011)

The title soundtrack of this film says it all! D.K. Bose is hilarious and if you are too innocent to understand then you are missing the fun of this song.

Lyrics: Bhaag bhaag DK Bose, DK Bose, D K Bose
Bhaag Bhaag DK ‘Bose DK’ Bhaag

2)Sarkailo Katiya ( Raja Babu- 1994)

Karishma Kappor and Govinda have showed this insane yet hilarious performance where they are seen having sex while they are wearing their clothes on! Crazy right?! Well, see it for yourself and the lyrics are way too perverted.

Lyrics: Suyi chubhe koyi shola sa bhadake
Suyi chubhe koyi shola sa bhadake

3)Teri Le Loon ( Tere Mere Beech Mein- 1984)

The lyrics says it all! I wonder how the lyricist also thought of making lyrics like these?! Like are you even for real?!

Lyrics: Khol ke mujhko dede, oh dede dede
Khol ke mujhko dede

4)Yeh Maal Gaadi Tu Dhakka Laga ( Andaz- 1994)

This song is actually picturized on a wedding night! And you can also see Juhi Chawla doing those amazing moves hinting those double meaning things we cannot even imagine! Have a look.

Lyrics: Ye maal gaadi tu dhakka laga
Thoda rukjha thoda rukjha
Chalu karunga engine iska
Tu darati hai kya ye maal gaadi
Ye maal gaadi tu dhakka laga
Dhakka kaga re dhakka laga
Garam ho gaya engine iska dhakka deta ja

5)Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai ( Khalnayak 1993)

The lyrics of the song says it all. They have this amazing talent of describing what all is there and proudly asking its whereabouts! 😛

Lyrics: Choli ke peeche kya hai, choli ke peeche
Chunri ke neeche kya hai, chunri ke neeche
Ho choli mein dil hai mera
Chunri mein dil hai mera
Choli mein dil hai mera
Chunri mein dil hai mera
Yeh dil main dungi mere yaar ko, pyaar ko!

Hilarious though! LOL I hope you got my point *wink*

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