Jaden Smith Tweets About Starring In Bollywood Films!

ImageSource: allkpop.com

What if I told you that Jaden Smith wants to perform in Bollywood films?! Amazing right?! Well, this is what was the reaction of his fans when he earlier tweeted saying that he wants to come in Bollywood films.

Apparently, Will Smith narrated his amazing experience of visiting India and since then his son Jaden is so mesmerized by the story told to him that he personally took to twitter to say that he wants to work in the Bollywood industry and twitter is all happy about it!

He tweeted saying, “ I wanna be in a Bollywood movie.” This is how surprised the fans became when he took to social media to mention something like this and now the big question is who would like to have this amazing experience of working with the prince of the Fresh Prince of Bel- Air.

Jaden Smith’s new album titled SYRE has released and this is first ever album! Are’nt you excited to listen to his music?! This album reveals the concept of how it can be for a kid to grow up with Hollywood parents. Interestingly, this album has received many reviews!

Checkout some of the tweets posted on social media that will give you a glimpse of how it will be when Jaden wil join Bollywood! This is how it will be.

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