Kangana’s New Song ‘I Have Vagina Re’ IS Going Viral On The Internet And The Song Uncovers Some Real Sh*t!


I am sure you know about the notorious Aap Ki Adalat episode of Kangana Ranaut. The undisputed Queen of Bollywood investigated every possibility to put forth searing expressions and stunning disclosures. Be it about her disputable issue with Hrithik Roshan and Aditya Pancholi or her supposition against sex dissimilarity and nepotism in Bollywood she just spoke her mind and opinions out like a genuine boss and totally won our hearts.

All things considered, in this male centric culture, just couple of women out there have the guts to battle with the general public’s externalized standards and expose their truth, as Kangana did. Yet, in the event that you believed that Kangana is finished with her raging meetings and explanations, you got it thoroughly off-base!

She is back, once more with the firm thought process to make her voice heard, to slap the sexist face of Bollywood and in particular, to think of the fierce reality. In any case, this time, with a somewhat funny video in a teaming effort with AIB.


At the point when AIM initially posted a photo of Kangana Ranaut and AIB co-founder Tanmay Bhatt, it looked like yet another special video. Yet, when has Kangana done the self-evident? In this way, as the video was released on Monday night, it ended up being a hilarious yet a fiercely fair go up against sexism in Bollywood. The video talks on all issues that Kangana has raised through her few meetings. Basically, it went viral over the internet.

Titled as AIB: The Bollywood Diva Song feat, the video portrays Kangana as a film courageous woman otherwise known as adoration enthusiasm of the legend amidst a wedding melody. In the start of the melody, she needs to present herself as ‘love interest’, jo hero ke saath rehti hai’.

Kangana has likewise incurred significant damage on the compensation hole in the Bollywood where legends take higher pay checks and the on-screen characters are made a request to feel favored to have their names previously performers on the credit roll. The kill ruler, Kangana additionally didn’t miss to call attention to Nepotism and took a guileful burrow on Hrithik also!

Checkout the video below

A much honest editorial on Bollywood’s sexist models! Is it safe to say that it isn’t? You really have guts girl! Fabulous!

This is truly a mouth-shutting answer to all the haters out there!

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