Did You Know About The New Toilet Paper Lips Trend That Is Grabbing Attention?


You may have seen all kinds of crazy lip trends that are doing the rounds on the internet from sparkling lips to metallic lips and now there is one more beauty lip trend that is becoming a sensation.

Basically toilet paper lips are the new trend and people are just trying this next bizarre trend and are sharing photos on social media. It all began when makeup artist Gretta Agazzi used toilet paper along with salt and beads to make it look more crystalized.

Trying out the #toiletpaper #lip #toiletpaperlip trend

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Thus began the new trend and then after YouTube stars Saifya Nygaard and Candace Lowry started their own trend and using only toilet papers along with other ingredients.

This idea was just an experiment but who knew that this concept will have interesting results. This Italian beauty blogger is taking the internet by storm and I must say this style looks simply hot and sexy.

Although you cannot wear them on a daily basis but you can try it for a fancy outing or a party and you will just look glamorous.

Toilet Paper Lips is just like a creative work of art where you can get the crinkled effect simply by applying glue like toilet paper and you also get to opt between colors like ht pink, mauve, electric blue and goth black…

Crystallization process lip art💎 Asked my dear friend Matteo "please give me an idea for a lip art". He said "crystallization". Wtf guys, he is a psycho. I was expecting something like "rainbow, letters" and he delivered a chemical process lol. By the way I take challenges VERY seriously so here it is and it's for him. I used toilet paper, salt and beads. @nyxcosmetics_italy celestial star and comets tail cosmic metals lip cream, and jet set suede matte lip liner. I saw in the past some crystal themed lip arts, by no means I want to take advantage of other's ideas and make them mine. Even if as I explained you the idea for this came from my dear friend, please feel free to write down in the comments the artists' names who previously did this kind of stuff so my followers can check them. Love! #crystallization #lipart #lipstick #nyxcosmetics #nyxcosmeticsitaly #crystal #salt #toiletpaper #editorial #myartistcommunity #inssta_makeup #pinterest #makeupartist

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🤧 the toilet paper lip art I just created live to show you I showed you how to create this lip look for fun and how I took the technique from a sfx look the very lovely ✨@birnamagg ✨ created last year! Thank you so much for all of the lovely messages I am receiving. I really appreciate it Please, if you feel like recreating the look, make sure to tag me into the photo so I can thank you and post your lovely looks in my Insta stories Used @katvondbeauty Lemmy everlasting lip liner and @nyxcosmetics_italy Out of This World cosmic metal lip cream #toiletpaper #katvond #nyxcosmetics #lipstick #lipart #nyxcosmeticsitaly #lipgloss #diy #editorial #myartistcommunity #inssta_makeup #makeupartist #pinterest #painting #texture

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Okay, if you are really interested in learning the perfect way to use the toilet paper style, then there are many videos put up which teaches one to get the look, the simplest way to do it is to trim the toilet paper and then fit it on the lips. All you need to know is how to map and chart how much of paper is required to get the look. Then slather it with lash glue to attach it the paper. Once it gets stuck, use a toothpick to arrange it into a wrinkly shape and then paint it using a sparkly lip shade.

If you are searching for a tutorial where you can try out this trend then you can check it out here.

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