Makeover for Students and Teachers in Rajasthan | Feel Confident

Makeover for Students and Teachers in Rajasthan | Feel Confident

Rajasthan government is in the process of installing mirrors and combs be placed at all government schools to help students and teachers to look smart, or rather neat. The initiative is being taken under the Shala-Darpan campaign to make them feel confident.

Apart from this, the government has also started a ‘Shala-Darpan’ portal where data of all government schools is made available and Principals can log in and update information on the portal the details about the number of schools, students, teachers, student-teacher ratio in the schools have been provided online apart from other details like the name and contact numbers of the principals of the schools, number of classrooms in schools, toilets, play grounds and other facilities among others. He said black boards have also been replaced with green boards.

By:Archa Dave

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