Meet This 12-Yr Old Has IQ More Than Albert Einstein and Hawking


A 12-year old girl has nailed the British Mensa IQ test in Manchester. Mensa is the largest and the oldest high IQ society from all over the globe. The girl has scored more than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

A-12year-old-girl-has-naileThe genius benchmark is set at the IQ score of 140 and this girl has crossed it flawlessly by scoring 162. Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking has scored 160 and this little girl has beaten their scores by 2 points. Rajgauri Pawar is from Cheshire county but she originally belongs to India. She has now become one of the persons who attempts this test and scores higher marks. Another record breaking fact is that she has now become the highest possible IQ scorer who is younger than 18 years.

The-genius-benchmarkAs per British Mensa, Rajgauri has carved her name as one of 20,000 people across the whole world to achieve that score. After such an achievement, Rajgauri told the Times of India that “I was a little nervous before the test but it was fine and I’m really pleased to have done so well.”

Ms Pawar belongs to Altrincham Grammar School for Girls and all her teachers are proud of her. Her teacher, Andrew Barry who teaches her Maths said, “Everybody is delighted. She is a very well-liked student and we all expect great things from her”.

Rajgauri has now become a member of Mensa. The only way to join this exclusive club, the members needs to score in the top two per cent in its infamous test.

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Tiru Dehariya

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