Morning Sleep vs. Early Rising – Win Your Fight with the Most Hardest and Sweetest Thing

Morning Sleep vs. Early Rising – Win Your Fight with the Most Hardest and Sweetest Thing

Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it- this quote is simply not a quote to inspire; it’s a simple fact of life. You cannot simply afford losing an hour in the morning. Waking up early is the toughest thing to do. You may put up multiple alarms in your phone, or on alarm clocks, you might pester your friend to wake you up early in the morning or maybe your neighbours or parents; so that you might not end up missing that important meeting in the morning.
lose-an-hourWe know, you must have honestly tried waking up early- but you always end up missing the alarm- simply because you were in so deep a sleep that you couldn’t hear the alarm- which went on snoozing even if it was nearer to you. Trust us, it is the story of every single individual across the globe.
we-knowMany times, people around us suggest us various reasons to cultivate the “rising early” habit- they advise us to form reasons and frame those reasons in the mind as well- for instance, they ask us to create a compelling reason to wake up early- but when the moment comes, we somehow are able to convince ourselves that the reason is not that important, or that you can still complete the work after an hour. This advice is definitely one of the most miserable one, ever suggested to us.
many-timesThe other reason, that they advise is to cut down on caffeine- tea/coffee and/or alcohol the night before- but trust us- it’s NOT going to work. IF you are sleepy, you will fall asleep even after drinking 2-3 mugs of black coffee- you CANNOT control your sleep.
the-other-reasonSometimes, even if you wake up early, do you realize that you are still late for your office? That is simply because you start working slow- thinking you have lots of time left, as your psychological clock is still tuned to everyday timings.
sometimesSo, let’s now check out some realistic and practical tips that will definitely help us in cultivating the habit to become an early riser.

1.Try taking baby steps. You cannot expect yourself to wake up an hour or two early in the morning all of a sudden. Try waking up at least 15-20 minutes early for the first week, and then gradually increase the timings, once you get accustomed to it.
try-taking-baby-steps2.To wake up early, you need to hit the sack early. Your biological clock is so strongly tuned to your regular sleep timings that you cannot sleep late and wake up early. So create the environment around you that will felicitate you to go to bed and induce sleep. Close the blinds, switch off the lights, laptop and music system. Create complete silence and a relatively bearable cool temperature that will induce sleep as soon as you hit the sack.
to-wake-up-early3.Avoid too spicy or heavy foods in the nights- these tire you and although they make you sleepy, they also tend to make you over-sleep. Try having light foods and AVOID caffeine at all costs.
avoid-too-spicy4.Put on your alarm at different places- near your pillow on the side table or across the room- but also make sure that the alarm sound is not something too harsh, that will jolt you out of your sleep- that will only make you cranky, confused and if you are prone to headaches, then you would have to fight the headache all day.
put-on-your-alarm5.Try not to snooze your alarm- If you are chronically habituated to snooze, then fast-forward your time to about 15 minutes, which will put you in the forever alert mode.
try-not-to-snooze-your-alar6.Once you open your eyes- with great effort- GET UP! Even if you are not exercise person, at least go out in the balcony and take in the fresh air. You will instantly feel refreshed.
once-you-open-your-eyesGo ahead and give these tips a try- you can surely tune your biological clock after a few tries and regular practice.

Hit it out in the comments below, if there are any other tips that you might want to share, that have helped you or a friend.

By:Archa Dave

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