New Zealand Is Celebrating “Secret Santa Nationwide” And It Is Adorable!

New Zealand Is Celebrating “Secret Santa Nationwide” And It Is Adorable!

Tis’ the season and yes its the very reason to be jolly because its Christmas! While this festive season is all about celebration and preparation for the coming of baby Jesus, there is one more major thing! Its none other than Secret Santa! Since childhood we all have heard stories about Santa Claus coming and giving gifts to children and he has this list of good and naughty so we have always been eagerly waiting! (wink wink)

But, did you know New Zealand is playing a nationwide Secret Santa and I am telling you its cute and adorable. This is called the bliss of celebrating Christmas with everyone! For those wondering what Secret Santa is all about, well its where people mostly strangers or friends and relatives buy a Christmas present and gift it to whomsoever they want and they remain anonymous people.

Isnt it amazing right?! Well, this concept celebrating in New Zealand is seriously the best thing happening and its making me “ wish I was there!”

Apparently, the country has an official twitter account “ Secret Santa” where the users can register for free and can exchange gifts from strangers all around the world! And this takes place every year.

This has now become a Christmas tradition where Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also plays along and this year too she is playing.  It now has a warehouse to facilitate gift exchanges, and there are more than 3,500 Secret Santa participants this year — you just need a Twitter account to enter, and a Twitter handle is the only clue you’ll receive for your recipient, for gift ideas.

All the twitterati’s are required to do is sign up to play through New Zealand’s postal system and are then sent the Twitter account of the person to buy a gift for. The NZ Secret Santa website tells participants to “get your Twitter-Sleuth on” to try to work out what sort of gift to give, with the rules saying that they need to “find/make/buy them an awesome gift for about $10” reports Huffingtonpost.

Looks like people are already sharing the gifts that they have recieved and are posting pictures of it and sharing it on social media!With just days until Christmas, the gifts have started arriving in excited New Zealanders’ mailboxes, and everyone seems too stoked to wait until Dec. 25 to open them.

Check out Some of The Beautiful Gifts!

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