OMG! Class 11th Student Murdered 2nd Class Student Of Ryan International School And You Will Be Shocked By The Reason!


The world is a bitter place to live in and with the increasing terror and crimes in various parts of the city, it is difficult to even step outside the house. Delhi is on the top list when it comes to crime scenes, and yet again the city makes it to the headlines with this awful news that has left everyone in a state of shock.

A Ryan International School student who is just 16 years old murdered a second standard boy just because of this stupid reason. Apparently, the 11th class student wanted the examinations and the parent teacher meeting postponed, so for that he murdered a small boy! Yes, it is shocking and honestly I don’t even know what made him even think about this and go to extreme measures to commit such an awful crime.

The second standard student Pradhyuman Thakur was murdered by the accused 11th class student belonging to Ryan International School, Gurugram as CBI confirms the news.


CBI spokesperson Abhishek Dayal said the Class 11 student was detained on Tuesday night after “inspection of the crime spot, scrutiny of CCTV footage, call records, statements and questioning of several people” revealed that he had carried a knife inside the school campus on the day of the crime and used it to kill his junior school mate. “The weapon used in the commission of crime is a knife which was recovered initially by police in Gurugram (Haryana). It is now with us,” Dayal told reporters.

He said the detained student was weak in studies and “wanted to have examination and parent-teacher meeting postponed”. Pradhyuman (7) was his random target.

The parents of the accused have been informed as and when the investigation is making its progress and it seems that the accused will be presented in the Juvenile Justice Board where the judges will decide whether he is a major or a minor.

Truly, this is a shameful act.

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