Priya Reaches 1 Million followers On Instagram In short peroid of time

Priya Reaches 1 Million followers On Instagram In short peroid of time

Simply 1 look is sufficient to present you a loopy fan following and we noticed that in case of Priya Prakash Varrier.

The primary music of her debut movie Oru Aadaar Love changed into out the day gone by and it created a rage on social media. people shared the video like crazy & they fell in love with the actress.

The length of the video become just few seconds, however it changed into sufficient to broaden that craze approximately beautiful Priya. inside minutes of release, fb, Twitter and Instagram had been packed with posts about her. a few even started out stalking her social media profiles to understand greater approximately her.

With a view to lessen the interest of our readers, we treated them with a number of the maximum beautiful pic of the actress. success has desired her loads and in only 2 days, her Instagram fans have shot up like loopy.

At the 10th of February, her Instagram followers have been 68,000 however at the 11th and 12th of February, the Instagram fans have increased to 1 million, can you trust that? here is the screenshot of her growth in fans;

There was a exquisite growth in Priya’s fan following in just 2 days; commonly, 1 million goal takes few weeks, however right here, she took handiest 2 days. Such is the magic of her appearance and expressions.

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