Rahul Gandhi Had An Oops! Moment As He Mistakenly Enters The Ladies Toilet In Gujarat

Image Source: indiatoday.com

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is very renowned not as a politician but rather a clown 😛 There are a significant number of jokes that have been made on him. But once more, he has given the trollers opportunity to again crack jokes on himover social media!

In a current occurrence in Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi was going to an occasion in Chhota Udepur region. He was there to talk with the youngsters of the region. After the occasion got over, he ventured out of the place to freshen up a bit and by mistake he entered into the womens toilet.

As indicated by the reports by India Today,there was no sign that separated the toilets for men and ladies. In any case, there was a notice in Gujrati that read that it was a womens toilet and it read, ‘Mahilao Mate Shauchalya’.

Sources assert that since Rahul did not know the Gujrati language he got befuddled and entered the womens washroom. At the point when the SPG that went with about the episode, he promptly requested that the media people clear the place near the washroom.

Later when the nearby individuals of the zone came to think about the entire issue, everybody began giggling and ridiculed the government official. The entire scene was recorded on camera by the media people who were available at the place.

Anybody can make this mistake if you were a common person, but when it comes to a politician or any famous celebrity, it becomes a gossip and a buzzing news for people! Well, Rahul mistakes happen 😛 maybe next time you can be a little cautious before you enter a toilet!

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