Rani Mukherji’s “Hichki” Trailer Is Out And It Is Sure Going To Give You Hiccups!

Rani Mukherji’s “Hichki” Trailer Is Out And It Is Sure Going To Give You Hiccups!

The anticipation of Bollywood actor Rani Mukherji coming back to the film industry is over. After a gap of 4 years, she is all set to make a comeback in the film “Hichki” and her new avatar looks quite promising and her role as a determined teacher is something all of us are waiting to watch.

Hichki is a beautiful film that focuses on a teacher Naina Mathur who is determined to become a teacher and despite her having a “tourette syndrome” I.e. speech defect, she has a never-giving-up attitude and is focused on making impossible things possible.

The trailer gives you a glimpse of how Rani leads a life that is challenging and is full of struggles, and how she takes up the tough profession of teaching and the film also shows what problems are faced by a disable woman.

Hichki-TrailerI think Rani is totally going to nail the role she is playing and I really cant wait for the film to release. Hichki features the issue individuals look in the wake of being labeled underdogs and has Rani at the center of its plot. It commends self-conviction, the flexibility of human soul and expectation. Its trailer demonstrates the 39-year-old performing artist as a teacher teaching a group of students who are out to spook her.

Rani, on her side, experiences Tourette disorder, which gives her constant hiccups, something that many see as her shortcoming, however she doesn’t let this take away her certainty. She responds to the call of discovering her own particular internal quality, as well as helping her understudies locate the right way throughout everyday life.

Hichki-Trailer-01Rani, who overcame stammering, all things considered, had prior shared that Hichki depends on a positive preface which is the reason she chose to take it up. She had likewise said that she was blessed to have the chance to depict solid ladies characters in her movies. “As Rani, I play what I am however it’s continually moving to be other people since I depict such huge numbers of capable women on screen, who in the end move me and others as well,” Rani had talked in a live visit on her birthday this year.

Hichki is directed by Siddharth P Malhotra and produced by Maneesh Sharma. It is all set to release on 23rd February 2018.

So, check out the trailer here.

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