Riverdale Soundtrack Has Become The New Jukebox: Best Music Moments

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We all love the famous Archie comic series Riverdale that has earned huge popularity since the first season has given people the chills and revealed suspense’s that we never even though off! With the second season that is all set to premier tonight people are eager to watch the continuation of the story!

Not only the first season’s story was amazing, but many of us have fallen in love with the soundtrack that has caught everyone’s attention and listening to the music on loop. I am sure you must be dying to know the best songs played so far in the first season, we have collected some of the best music moments in Riverdale that made us play the scene on loop again to listen to that song!

Scroll through to see the best songs in the famous Riverdale TV series:

1) Kiarra- Gold

When you listen to this sassy pop music, you can picture Betty revealing her dark side where she nearly kills chuck with her bad girl looks! The music totally matched her role and she looked stunning and gorgeous in that costume!

2) Dean Lewis- Waves

Do you remember the scene when Jughead walks out from his dad where he was waiting for him at the twilight drive in? That’s when Jughead tells his dad that he can figure it out as he always does! This music stole my heart! The perfect tune for the perfect moment..

3) The Shacks- Strange Boy

This song is my favorite! Whenever I listen to it, I imagine the intimate scene between Archie and Veronica when she wraps Archie’s hand in the hallway making it a cute and sweet moment between the duo. Music sets it right! That’s when I expected to see more of attraction between them!

4) Emily Afton- Lost

This is one of the most amazing songs ever played in this season. This was the time when Jughead had his first kiss with Betty and it was simply awwwww….. It shows how passionate the two were while they kissed each other and when you listen to the lyrics carefully you can see how deep the meaning is!

5) Teammate- What You Got

This song reminds you of the sunny summer days where you hangout with your friends and share those happy moments! Similarly, when the season was nearing towards its finale, you can see these friends sitting and chilling, so to set the mood right, this song is played…

6) Imagine Dragons- Believer

I am sure whenever you listen to this song playing on the radio or in your car you must be like, “omg this is the riverdale sex song right?!” And you must be smiling to yourself remembering the intimate moment that was so passionate and extremely romantic! This song may not be romantic but it does set the mood right and the timing was simply awesome!

With these beautiful songs, I am sure you must be waiting for the second season to see more music moments! Don’t forget to watch Riverdale season 2 that is all set to air on the 12th october 2017 I.e. today!!

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