RJ Malishka Speaks up on Mumbai Pothole Controversy


The radio jockey of RED FM in Mumbai RJ Malishka, who was the point of talk for Mumbaikars and the people all around India due to her Sonu Song, has now spoke on the controversy as well as the the huge response received to the song.

Earlier, RJ Malishka had released a “Sonu Song” on the worsened condition of roads in Mumbai and potholes. The video went viral on the social media and people started to speak for and against it.

The ruling party of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Shiv Sena opposed the song by alleging that the video has been made to defame the BMC. Shiv Sena leader Kishori Pednekar also released her version of song to oppose Malishka.

The controversy took an ugly turn when the BMC officials alleged that the breeding of Dengue mosquitos found in Malishka’s house in Mumbai and sent her a notice. Large number of people stood behind Malishka and supported her against the “dirty games” of the BMC.

Now, RJ Malishka has released another video thanking the people who supported her and RED FM in their cause to raise the issue of pothole and various other important issues linked to the life of every citizen of Mumbai.

The condition of roads in Mumbai has been in controversy since a long time as the authority has failed to make the roads better for the public considering the heavy rain which the city has to face every year. Instead of making false allegations on RJ Malishka, the BMC should try to raise and maintain the good quality of roads where the public should not need to face challenges.

Along with this, it was heartening to see the common people supported Malishka in the cause and started to expose the authorities in different cities about the condition of roads.

By Prajakt K.

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