Saif Ali Khan’s “KaalaKaandi” Trailer Is Officially Out And It Is “Bad-Ass”!


I am sure many of must be waiting for Saif Ali Khan’s next movie and your prayers have finally been answered, because “Kaalakandi” trailer is out and yes, it is quite kick-ass. The much awaited trailer gives you a glimpse of twisted tale of death, life and karma that happens in one monsoon night in the city of Mumbai.

Here, you will also see six different characters and their stories about their life and what’s more amusing is that the writer of this film is the one who wrote “Delhi Belly!” This film also shows you the different sides of Saif Ali Khan and you would have never seen him in these avatars.


The trailer begins with Saif sitting with a doctor and the doc tells him that he is diagnosed with stomach cancer. Saif even tells that he never had any of the bad habits, to which the doctor tells him “do whatever you feel like doing!” Well, this looks like an amazing advice and that’s when Saif gets to the reality of being his true self.

Saif-Ali-Kha-Kaalakandi01The tagline of this film is “every action has a reaction” and yes, you will see that for yourself. The trailer does look quite promising with some of the intense performances given by Saif, the bad-ass dialouges, gunshots, lust and much more.

Saif-Ali-Khan-KaalakandiEarlier the makers of the film released the teaser poster of Kaalakandi and I must say it looked quite funky with Saif in a silhouette pink background, with his cute hairdo of having multiple ponytails with florescent rubber bands.

The film is all set to release on 12th of January 2018.

So, are you ready for this banging intense comedy-drama film? Way to go Saif! *applause*

Watch the trailer here.

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