Have You Seen Joyti Kumari’s Shocking Transformation?


If you are following the famous reality show Bigg Boss then you would also know about this famous contestant Jyoti Kumari who was a commoner from Bihar and she was all geared up to play the game inside the house. Though she was labeled as “Moohfat” of the house ( I.e. motormouth) :P, she dint seem to care about the talks that were happening inside the house.

She also became the talk of the town with her “smoking inside the house” controversy which spread like wildfire. Soon Jyoti had to bid goodbye to the Bigg Boss and after she was eliminated, she underwent a major makeover and I must tell you she looks unrecognizable!

You will be shocked to see this transformation of Jyoti Kumari and she is just glamorous. Not to mention that before her makeover, she always maintained a subtle and simple attitude and makeover which won many hearts.

Beautifying yourself is always a plus point and it changes the way you look entirely! Who knew that she will look so gorgeous after this makeover.

Jyoti-Kumari04Do you remember the day she entered the Bigg Boss house? This was how she looked and this how she looks bow. Apparently, there is video that has been shared online and posted on YouTube by Universal Media Pro where they have shared this beautiful yet unimaginable transformation of hers.

She used to wear these specs and used to have a long braided hair and not to forget the simplicity with how she puts herself and her smile is just amazing!

Check out some of the photos of this beautiful girl!


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