Have You Seen The Prank Played On Sunny Leone?? The Revenge Is Even More “Sweet”!

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You may have come across thousands of pranks played on people every other day. But, have you seen celebrity pranks that are worth laughing?! 😛 Yes, the bubbly girl of the Bollywood Industry is none other than Sunny Leone who is known not only for steaming hot looks but also her fun-loving vibes that puts a smile on your face.


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Recently, on the sets of her upcoming film, Sunny was pranked by one of her crew members and the video has gone viral on the internet and you just cant stop laughing. What’s even more funnier is that she even took “revenge” for what the crew members did and it is worth watching!

Shooting for her film, “Tera Intezaar”, in the video you can see Sunny sitting on a chair and she is deeply engrossed in reading her script, when a crew member walks in with a rubber snake and hangs it on the side of Sunny. She doesnt notice it first, and then when she does, obviously she screams the hell out of everyone and runs behind him to beat him! 😛 I must say that the run is super funny and the way she reacted makes you go ROFL.

Since the video clip has gone viral on social media it has got about 7,400 ‘likes’ and almost 1,000 retweets on twitter. Not long after the video was posted, many twitterati’s even asked Sunny if she was planning on taking revenge and if she is, then how was she planning to do so.

Well, Yes, she absolutely was plotting the revenge. Because, why not?! While you saw the “one night stand” actress screaming and running for her life, she was terrified as hell!

After sometime, Sunny finally played her “Revenge” part on the guy who had earlier pranked on her, because no one can mess with Sunny 😛

In the video you can see, she is all ready and set to take revenge and that the crew member was not aware off! She simply took two cakes in her hand and smashed it on the guy’s left and right cheek, basically ruining his face!!

It was indeed a “Sweet Revenge” girl and you slayed it well! This video clip posted by the celeb has also got as many likes as 8,000 and 760 retweets and the likes are still counting. Twitterati’s have also responded to her video and looks like all were happy with what she did!

*Sunny Girl You Deserve Slow Claps*

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