Severus Snape: Good or Evil?


Severus Snape has emerged from one of the most hated person of Harry Potter series to the most loved and empathized character. He lost everything, sacrificed everything and even gave his life- for Harry Potter!

But, the fans still remain divided over his course of actions- some are towards him whole others, against him, calling him evil. Most of the fans, also don’t understand as to why Harry named his second son after Albus & Snape.

J.K.Rowling explains that Snape is grey. He is neither saint nor a villain. He didn’t die for what was right, or to take down the oppressor- he wanted to relieve himself of his guilt, for all the things he’s ever done and experienced. He is a mere human. His death was his last attempt to make sure Lily didn’t die in vain and that her cause still won against Voldemort. Snape’s love was not only love of his childhood, it was also the love of a man- the love which lost, but was always alive.

He died to get rid himself of his guilt. Although he could have broken his cover, but his silence ensured Harry’s win.

She also gave us the reason, as to why Harry chose Dumbledore and Snape’s name as the name for his second son.

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