Sharukh Khan Asks Gautam Gambhir’s Daughter To Bowl For KRK, As He Shares Adorable Video

Sharukh Khan Asks Gautam Gambhir’s Daughter To Bowl For KRK, As He Shares Adorable Video

Indian Cricketer Gautam Gambhir is known for his exceptional batting skills that everyone is proud of and all the bowlers know what he is capable of! He has always surprised his fans with giving a good score by batting so well.

Nobody is taller in life than the last man standing!

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Who knew that his daughter Aazeen is also following daddy’s step of being good at sports. Yes guys, Gautam shared a cute and adorable video of his daughter that shows Aazeen bowling to her dad while he is batting. Apparently, the video was taken when Gambhir went to attend an event in his daughter’s school and he played cricket with his daughter.

The most beautiful sight for any dad when they get back home is a smiling daughter. I'm no different!

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The Delhi batsman took to social media to share what a beautiful bowler his daughter is and he also was amazed how his three plus daughter was standing behind the line of the stump line.

In his twitter post he captioned, “High pressure job facing my daughter Aazeen’s bowling at her school. Hell, even she knows d line has to be outside d off stump vs papa!!!”

This is indeed a beautiful moment captured and it is lovely to see the father-daughter bond that is so adorable.

He himself accepted that it is a high pressure job facing his daughter in the field. It is really sweet of him to say that.

The conversation does not stop here! What’s more is that immediately after Gambhir shared this post, Sharukh Khan requested him to get Aazeen to bowl for KRK as he was impressed by her bowling skills. In his twitter post SRK says, “ Get her to bowl for KKR please. Big hug.”

The lovely comment made by the Bollywood celebrity has touched our hearts. Sharukh Khan is the co-owner of the KRK team.

Gautam Gamhir on the other hand has 4154runs in 58 Tests and 5238 runs in 147 ODI’s, During the 2007 World Cup he played a major role when they won the match.

Applause and cheers to you!

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