The Significance Of Dhanteras -The First Day Of Diwali Festival.

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The Biggest of all hindu festivals, Diwali, starts with the first day celebration of Dhanteras. Popularly known as the day for buying gold, silver or other things of value. Have you ever wondered why?

Well, if you have, we have the answer to what is the significance of Dhanteras.

The Story Of Dhanteras

As the legend goes, There was a king named Hima, whose sixteen year old son’s horoscope read that he would die on the fourth day of his marriage by a snake bite. The prince’s wife got really worried but she thought of a plan. On the fourth day of their marriage she took out all her gold and silver ornaments and placed it on the entrance of their room along with other pots of gold, gemstones, silver and valuables. She lit lamps all around the pile and the entire room started glittering. To stay awake, she started singing songs to her husband.

After a while, Yama (the lord of death) came in the form of a snake to take away the life of the young prince. But on entering the room he saw the giant heap of gold and glitter. Such was the blinding light emanating from that pile that he got distracted and instead he sat on the entrance pile whole night listening to the melodious songs and could not even enter their room. As the night passed, Yama had already missed his deadline. So he spared the life of the young prince and left. The young wife intelligently saved the life of her husband.

This is a reason why people buy jewelry. It is celebrated as a reminder that even the ills (Doshas) in your horoscopes can be corrected with good actions (karma). So keep doing good deeds and you will even force fate to surrender to your will.


Dhanteras is also an occasion to worship ‘Dhanvantari’, a form of Lord Vishnu. Dhanwantari is a diety for health and spirit of knowledge. Health is the biggest wealth you can ever have. Dhanteras is a message to stay good to everyone, follow the path of knowledge, protect nature and pursue hapiness.

We hope and pray that this Dhanteras brings about lots of good health and hapiness to each one of our readers and their families. Have a great diwali.

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