The Significance Of Karthik Poornima And How To Celebrate It?


Karthik Porrnima is referred to as the full moon day of the Hindu month of Karthik. It is considered extremely auspicious by people of a lot of religion in India. It is known as Dev Deepawali, Tiruri Purnima or the Tripurari poornima in different parts of the country. It marks the beginning of the marriage season of hindus and there are a lot of legends associated to this very auspicious festival. Not just in Hinduism, sikhs and Jains also celebrate this day. Read On to know why?

significance of Karthik Poornima.

Significance-of-Karthik-PoorinmaA lot of religions celebrate this day. In the hindu mythology, It is said that this is the day when Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva descended on earth in diffrent forms and saved the world from Maha Pralay. Lord shiva killed the Tripuri Demons on this auspicious day.

The Birth of Guru Nanak Ji coincides with Karthik poornima and so Sikhs, also celebrate this day in great joy. It it celebrated worldwide by the sikh people and is known as Gurupurab.

This is also one of the most important festivals for Jains. They undertake the Shri Shantrunjay Teerth Yatra that is a 206 km long yatra, covered bare foot on mountainous terrain to worship Lord Adinath temple located on top of the hill. Thousands of jain pilgrims visit the Palitana pilgrimage.

Legends Associated To Karthik Poornima

There are various legends associated to this auspicious hindu festival. Here are some of the most popular stories related to karthik poornima

Lord-ShivaLord Shiva is known to have killed the three demon sons of Tarakasur. He is thus also known as Tripurari among people who worship him. The triad of the demon sons after strong penance gt a boon from Brahma to live for 1000 years. They conquered the whole world and harassed the Gods. Shiv Killed all the three demons with a single arrow and liberated the world and the gods from their agony. The gods celebrated this day by lighting lamps in heaven. Since that day it is also called as Deva Deepawali.

Deva-DeepawaliIt is also known as the day when Matsya- the first avatar of Vishnu saves Manu from Maha Pralay or the ends of the world. Manu saves a small fish from a pond when it asks for help to manu, he stores it in a bottle, soon it grows too big for the bottle, he puts her in a pot, then a tank and in the lake, But slowly it keeps on growing too big for everything. Soon it starts raining very heavily and oceans develop. The fish then Helps Manu, seven sages and the vedas over a boat that gods had built and helps them locate to the highest peak of the world. Entire humanity dies and from there Manu starts a new civilization.

What Are The Karthik Poornima Rituals And How To Celebrate Karthik Poornima?

Celebrate-Karthik-PoornimaDevotees get up early morning before sunrise and take a bath.

Thousands of people throng the shores of ganga for a holy dip, since it is said that the gods descend in the river of this day. A dip in the Ganga on this is considered extremely auspicious and it is said to clean you of all your evils.

After the bath devotees recite bhajan or Mantras.

They Observe a fast throughout the day and in the night after they have worshipped the stars only then they can eat food.

In the evening people offer prayers to Vishnu and Tulsi who is considered a form of Maa Laxmi.

The houses light lamps like on the day of Diwali for celebrating this day. In Varanasi the entire Ganga Ghat is lit with earthen lamps and it looks absolutely stunning. Even the houses in benaras look like it is celebrating diwali.

For a Shiva or Vishnu Devotee, this is considered as the biggest festival of the year. They follow a strict fast and seek blessings of the gods by praying and following the Karthik Poornima rituals. This year The Karthik Poornima falls on 4th of November. Celebrate it with your family and seek the blessing from divine for a happy and healthy life for you and your family.

Hope you have a great Karthik Poornima.

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